Vergo furniture’s phone pod products are UL 962 certified!

With its phone pod series, Vergo Furniture became the first company in mainland China to receive UL 962 certification. This indicates that Vergo products have received UL certification for environmental sustainability and safety.

For purchasers, distributors, insurers, and regulators, UL 962 is an extremely reliable safety and quality sign that is acknowledged by all relevant bodies. All of our products are guaranteed by UL 962 to be safe for use in the workplace and to have an electrical system that complies fully with US and Canadian regulations.





A comprehensive assessment is provided by UL Safety Certification to UL 962, the Standard for Safety of Household and Commercial Furniture, to assist guarantee that the POD does not pose a risk of fire, shock, or casualties.

The simplest method for architects and designers to find low-VOC items that promote healthier environments is through the UL GREENGUARD Certification program.

In collaboration with a manufacturer, UL will assess the company’s present office pod, pinpoint potential risks to occupant health and safety, and recommend the best certification methods. Because of UL’s certifications, manufacturers can assure that their office pods promote a better and healthier work environment and help prevent any risks or downtime caused by local authorities rejecting their product.


Products that meet the requirements of the UL 962 Standard are assessed for:

Electrical parts that adhere to safety regulations

Stability to prevent pods from toppling over and injuring people

Loading capacity to ascertain whether the goods can support the desired weight

Product or component evaluation in relation to the UL 962 Standard

Figuring out if the pod has its own fire system or is linked to the building’s

Products that have earned UL GreenGuard certification are assessed for:

Less chemical emissions to provide better indoor air quality.



Starting with appropriate UL Listed or UL Recognized components, a list of critical components include:

Cord and plugs (ELBZ)

Electrical receptacle systems (IYNC, IYQX2, QAWZ2, XBYS)

Fabrics (QAXZ2)

Furnishings (IYNE, IYNG, QAWZ)


Power supplies (EPBU, QQJQ)

Wiring (AVLV2)