About Us

Vergo is a furniture Brand born in Hangzhou,Motivated by the certainty that good design is everyone’s right, Vergo design set out to innovate new ways to answer the ever evolving needs of the modern world – but at a more economical price point than industry standards.

Inspired by the word ‘VERSATILITY’, Vergo was born and existed in 2018, Being acknowledged that ‘The timeless expression of products design is equally important to the spaces as their functionality’, Vergo comes with our vision to provide various furniture products going for general-purpose spaces over the world.

We combine the values of both excellent design and quality products that provide added value for the user. Appearing with the decades of rich professional manufacturing experience in this industry, ‘being affordable’ becomes another advantage that we believe can fundamentally satisfy your space solutions. We dare to say it will take a hard time to find equally beautiful yet functional products like the ones Vergo provides.

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