New Release Office Chair From Vergo Furniture





The majority of us work long hours every day while seated in an office, which has an impact on our spine and posture. We are aware of how critical it is to choose the ideal seating arrangements for your office in order to foster wellbeing and productivity. This time we release some new office chair which are Vanco and Neo office chair.




Vanco chair:

Vanco Ergonomic office chairs with mesh backs are the newest trend in office sitting. Our modern mesh task chairs are comfortable and high-quality, yet they also have ergonomic designs. Mesh back chairs have two advantages over standard office chairs: the breathable screen mesh back increases ventilation, and the continual firm support helps maintain the natural curve of the spine. 

✔Height-adjustable headrest, armrest, and lumber support 

✔ Soft and comfortable, sedentary and not tired 

✔ Modular foam headrest 

✔ Can give soft support for different-height people





Neo chair:

Neo Mesh office chairs are a flexible option for any office setting, even the home office. They are highly durable and provide the best support. Mesh chairs, with their supportive and permeable mesh construction, are ideal for offices that place a high priority on ventilation . Employees will stay cool if your office runs on the warm side thanks to the ability to enable ventilation, especially during the summer.